Token Dynamics

The Current amount in circulation is and will always be very different from maximum possible. The maximum total supply of PKM tokens is 500,000,000 which we plan to allocate as follows:

Tokens only enter circulation based on specific criteria. The MAX supply is designed to handle a 10x increase in market use over the next 10 years. However, at current rates, MAX supply may not be depleted for ~100 years. We suggest paying attention to the actual number of Issued/circulated tokens.


Most of the tokens are set aside to be airdropped to PeakMonsters users. For additional details about the rules of the airdrop please refer to: HOW TO GET PKM AIRDROPS?

As an example: during the initial drop we expect to distribute ~2-2.5 million tokens to users.


10% (50m) will be set aside for potential partnership opportunities which can make the token or the site more successful. The goal is for this to last 10+ years.

We do not have immediate plans for this pool so they will remain out of circulation until further notice, we will announce any partnerships on this blog @peak-monsters


You can read more about why Liquidity Pools are beneficial here: Liquidity Pool & LP Rewards

5% (25m) has been set aside for the team to request from to add to the Liquidity Pool. It's important to note: - Team account or team members will provide the corresponding SPS for the pool. - The PKM:SPS DOES NOT go into their own accounts. - Team account or team members cannot freely use this pool for themselves for a year. - Team members using these PKM tokens to provide liquidity WILL NOT receive LP Rewards during this year.

Approx. 2 Million PKM from this pool will be used at the beginning to provide liquidity and, as explained above, the team will provide the SPS.

There is a likelihood that this pool never gets fully used because it does require SPS to be personally acquired and risked to add to the other side of the pool and team members may choose to instead buy PKM themselves so that they can earn LP rewards in their own accounts.


5% (25m) has been set aside as Rewards for shareholders in the LP. To start we will be adding 1 million PKM to the Reward pool. The goal is for this to last 10+ years.


5% (25m) will be used as an incentive to @PeakMonsters team. We will airdrop PKM monthly from this pool to the @peakmonsters account proportionally to the main airdrop. We are planning a 1:10 ratio, meaning if users get 3 million in a year PeakMonsters will get 300k.



We plan on creating new advanced products for that will require PKM and the PKM received will not go to the PeakMonsters market... instead these are the options for those tokens:

  1. Burn the tokens

  2. Put the tokens back in the Airdrop Pool (for sake of pool longevity)

  3. Put the tokens in the LP reward pool

  4. Give tokens to PKM tournament organizers

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