The PKM Token

PKM is a utility token on Hive-Engine that will be distributed to PeakMonsters users as a Reward. This token will allow the PeakMonsters community to both take part in PeakMonsters' profits and access additional tools, features and special events. HOW TO GET PKM will be distributed (airdropped) to users of the marketplace. There will be a weekly distribution based on PeakMonsters tiers. There will also be Bonus distributions for large purchases. We reward the total amount of purchases above ($10+) totals during a 30 minute time period (previously it was assessed for every blockchain transaction) . March 23rd 2022 there was one large initial airdrop based on (PeakMonsters) users tiers- these were determined by the market volume in the past 52 weeks. More info here:HOW TO GET PKM AIRDROPS?

This website ( contains all details about the token, how it will be distributed and the utility for the holders.


  • March 7th - Announcement and creation of PKM

  • March 14th - Start of the PKM:SPS pool with initial liquidity provided by the team (Buying enabled)

  • March 18th - First PeakMonsters tournament (w/ PKM rewards)

  • March 21st - Start of Large Transaction Bonus-Airdrops (9am UTC)

  • March 23rd - "The Big Airdrop" for last 52 weeks

  • March 24th - Start of PKM:SPS reward pool

  • March 30th - Start of the weekly airdrops

OFFICIAL POST You can also read the official announcement post for more information and details or to share feedback and interact with the team and the community:

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