What To Do With PKM

PKM is a Hive-Engine token. You can trade it freely on Tribaldex or BeeSwap.

When you get tokens (whether airdropped or purchased from markets) you will be able to do many things with them. Some common use cases for it:

  • HOLD: They are your tokens. You can always choose to do nothing with them and just "HODL" them and wait for them to go up in price.

  • USE: We plan implement new advanced services for our loyal users only that will require PKM. Also , we will create tournaments that require PKM for entry.

  • POOL: We are creating an SPS:PKM Liquidity Pool. The shareholders in this pool will share in PeakMonsters profits through Daily Rewards.

  • SELL: There will an option swap PKM for SPS using Liquditity pool. Also the ability to exchange with other users for SWAP.HIVE on sites like Tribaldex

  • BUY MORE: Using the SPS:PKM Liquidity pool will usually best but you can check buy-sell market


The benefits of a PKM:SPS Liquidity Pool We want the PKM tokens, to not just exist but, to be able to be bought and sold and to have liquidity and price stability. These things are possible via Liquidity Pools. We are pairing PKM together with SPS which is Splinterlands main token "Splintershards".

Most of our users have SPS and/or know how to get it. SPS is easily and directly tradable for HIVE, DEC, BNB and several other tokens.

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