Details about the PKM airdrops

AIRDROP MAX SUPPLY = 375 million PKM INITIAL AIRDROP (estimate) = 2 - 2.5 Million LARGE PURCHASE BONUS (yearly estimate)= 600k


The main distribution mechanism for the PKM token is through airdrops. The amount airdropped will be based on purchases made through PeakMonsters. The more activity, the more tokens that will be Airdropped. However, there is a max allowed for the airdrop which is 375 million.

NOTE: More sales on will also result in a larger Rewards given to PKM LP providers.

NOTE 2: Sales, not rentals. It is presently not technically possible to track rental volume in the same way as sales volume due to the huge number of micro transactions. If this becomes possible in the Splinterlands API we can add this.


The airdrop is based on two key metrics: Yearly Sales Volume and Large Purchase Bonus.

[STARTING MARCH 21ST] - "LARGE TRANSACTION BONUS-AIRDROPS" Large market purchase will be rewarded with a small amount of PKM. We presently consider transactions of $10 and up to qualify. As of Dec 13th 2022 it was switched to count your total purchased during a 30 minute window (which benefits bids and non card market) The number of tokens awarded increases the larger the transaction. View the table on this page: Large Purchase Bonus

[MARCH 23RD] - "THE BIG AIRDROP" We will reward users for the last 52 weeks of volume based on your Tier. It is based on a .3x of your yearly market volume for your tier. Tier Based Airdrop

We estimate this initial drop to be about 2-2.5 million tokens, but it is not possible to give the exact number as tiers change daily and more activity may come to marketplace after the PKM announcement.

[STARTING MARCH 30TH] - WEEKLY AIRDROPS Starting March 30th we will continue to distribute at a weekly rate based on Tiers. View the table on this page Tier Based Airdrop



  1. Only purchases with fees above 3% will be counted to determine tier and for the bonus-airdrops.

  2. To avoid abuse from potential "self-buying" of PKM we will lower the PKM drop if PKM price becomes more valuable than the fee cost it takes to get the tokens.


QUESTION: WHY A LIMITED AIRDROP SUPPLY? There is a limited supply for the PKM token which means a limited airdrop. At today's market rates it may still last ~100 years but if Splinterlands and PeakMonsters continue to grow then it will potentially run out much faster. IF the airdrop runs out we believe we still have some great options:

  1. We can survey token holders before it runs out if they would like to decrease rates of the airdrop so it may last longer.

  2. We can let the airdrop pool run out and then PeakMonsters can switch to a new decreased airdrop where PeakMonsters market uses some profits to buy PKM from the market to distribute it to users while a now non-inflating token may have beneficial implications that users appreciate.

  3. We already plan to create some new features that will require users to "spend" PKM token to have access. At the beginning we may burn those tokens, but going forward we may collect them to be used as a refill for the airdrop pool or add as rewards for LP.

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