Why use Hive-Engine?

Hive-Engine is the most used Hive sidechain supporting smart contracts and tokens. Also it's already integrated and used by Splinterlands and most players are already familiar with it.


Using Hive-Engine based "Diesel Pool" has several interesting benefits. Hive blockchain doesn't require fees for transactions. Also diesel pools allow for Reward Pools to those who help provide Liquidity into the Liquidity Pools. (we explain the benefit of this below). Diesel Pools have been used to swap hundreds of millions of dollars of tokens and are accessible to all our Hive based users. We believe we can also integrate user interfaces into our websites to make adding to these pools and swapping easier.

Other utilities for PKM?

At launch Liquidity Pools and Tournaments will require PKM, however we will develop many new features that will require PKM You can make suggestions here:https://peakmonsters.featurebase.app/

Why no simple staking?

This was explained on the Liquidity Pool & LP Rewards page

What about accounts that buy cards from their own alt accounts?

It is possible for users to buy cards from friends or their own alt accounts. It's quite literally impossible to prohibit and that was always understood. A minimum market fee is required for a purchase to qualify for the airdrop, but still we want to help people understand that a user paying the market fee of 3-5% could essentially acquire PKM via this method.

EXAMPLE: Under current airdrop model A single $10,000 purchase can result in a 2200PKM bonus drop and could cost $300-500 in fees via this method ($0.136 - 0.227 immediate cost for those tokens) However same purchase can qualify someone for tier 9 and 52 weeks of airdrops totaling another 2700PKM.

POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS This also means that that IF price keeps going up and users keep getting tokens via this method then the airdrop pool may not last as long as we originally indicated so we want people to be aware of that as the 500M cap on the token is a hard cap and most of that goes to the airdrop. However, we have already explained some methods we can do to repopulate PKM into the airdrop and thereby extend it.

POSSIBLY NEVER ACTUALLY USED This is all theoretical because in part prices may never be such that any person does this instead of just buying straight from liquidity pools OR the airdrop can be modified if this potential mechanism causes problems for the airdrop users and the team decide to rectify.

Who controls the price of PKM?

If you're asking what the price is going to be... Our team has no idea what it will be and nothing that we say should ever be construed to imply we have a clue... because we don't. However, we admit we may create amazing products that motivate users to want to want more PKM. We do know that on the 14th of March we will add liquidity to the PKM:SPS pool at a 1:10 ratio meaning that for at least a couple of seconds the price will be 1/10th that of SPS. But after that the market will determine prices. (P.s. Anyone can create and populate a liquidity pool for PKM this just happens to be the one we're creating to begin with.)

How much PKM do I "NEED"?

New features will roll out over the course of the year and beyond. You do not "NEED" any PKM to use the site the way it is now. To use future features the amount of PKM will be minimal. You will never "NEED" large amounts of PKM at any time.

However there may be reasons YOU decide to get more PKM ("WANT") and that is your decision. One potential reason is the rewards given from the PKM:SPS liquidity pool which starts on March 23rd.

Any plans for integrating PKM into PeakD.com?

PeakD plans on allowing tipping of PKM in the future on posts. PeakMonsters would happily buy PKM in order to tip users that write about PeakMonsters.com features.

If you have other use cases please let us know https://peakmonsters.featurebase.app/

Have you thought about ...?

Maybe, maybe not... but if you want to share it with us please feel free to do so https://feedback.peakmonsters.com/

We are for sure looking for more ideas on how to utilize the PKM token.

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