Tier Based Airdrop

Start of the weekly distributions based on tiers will be on March 30th, 2022.

We are doing a full 52 week airdrop at the start (March 23rd, 2022) to reflect the prior 12 months market volume then we will continue with a weekly distribution a week later.

The rate is 0.3x the volume but for your reference we have provided a table. Tier 2 is only rewarded during initial airdrop


  1. Only peakmonsters.com purchases with fees above 3% will be counted to determine tier.

  2. To avoid abuse from potential "self-buying" of PKM we will lower the PKM drop IF PKM price becomes more valuable than the fee cost it takes to get the tokens.


HOW TO VIEW YOUR TIER To view your PeakMonsters.com tier go to your profile page on PeakMonsters.com

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